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Ministering to Ministers

Are you tired, weary, worn out and exhausted?  Jesus said in Mark 6:31, "Come with me by yourselves to a quiet place and get some rest".


Located in the beautiful Rocky Mountains of Northwest Colorado, Elijah Ministries provides a place where God's servants can relax from the pressures of the ministry, renew their relationship with their spouse and refocus on the vision for their ministry. A quiet place to simply get away and enjoy the restorative tranquility of a contemporary log cabin in a magnificent forest setting.

This ministry is available to all evangelical credentialed ministers.


Situated at 8700 feet in elevation, nestled in the aspens and pines, the cabin at Elijah Ministries offers a serene and beautiful setting to relax from the pressures of the ministry.

We like to think of this ministry as a place for the minister to receive rest and have their ministry vision renewed before they hit burnout to keep them strong in the Lord.
However, ministers are often so busy ministering that they hit 'burn-out' without realizing it before it's too late.  Many times their ministry is crippled or destroyed by moral failure.  Oftentimes the family is sacrificed as well.

Elijah Ministries offers a place of refuge from the storms of the ministry.  It is a quiet place to get away from the hectic schedule and stressful pace of the ministry life.  Here you can enjoy the serene setting of the magnificent forest of God's creation.  Nothing to distract and demand your attention other than the quiet stillness found in nature.  This opportunity to be still and remember that He is God could be just what is needed to replenish depleted reserves of faith and restore focus and commitment to a marriage relationship battered by the storms of a minister's life.

Road leading to cabin

Overlook view a short distance from the cabin.

This place of refuge is offered free of charge to all evangelical ministers.
In Mark 6:31 Jesus said to His disciples "Come away with me by yourselves to a quiet place and get some rest".
Elijah Ministries offers this quiet place to get alone with Jesus.

Elijah Ministries
"Ministering to Ministers"