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So often ministers hit "burn-out" and, as a result, lose their ministry or have it crippled.  In many cases the family is sacrificed as well. 

The mission of Elijah Ministries is two-fold.

Our first objective is to offer an opportunity and place to ministers that will allow God to renew the vision of their ministry, to focus on their relationship with their spouse and to help prevent burn-out that can lead to moral failure or cripple their ministry.

The cabin at Elijah Ministries provides a peaceful and solitude place where God's servants can find a refuge from the storms of ministry.  A place where God's servant can get away and focus on their relationship with their spouse and allow God to renew the vision of their ministry.  A spiritual R&R (rest and relaxation) place like Elijah experienced in the wilderness.
In I Kings 18 and 19, we read where Elijah had just experienced a great revival in his ministry and when he was attacked by the enemy, he became despondent and discouraged.  In modern terms, he had hit "burn-out".  He ran into the wilderness wishing his life would end.  But God met him there and ministered to him by giving him much needed rest, relaxation and nourishment.  He was strengthened and his vision for ministry was refreshed.  The greater part of his ministry was still ahead.  If he would have had his way (his life ended, ministry over) he would have never realized the end fulfillment of his ministry.
Likewise, many ministers today hit that low level and sometimes never recover.  Elijah Ministries is here to help prevent that from happening.  God wants His servants to be refreshed, renewed and strengthened.  He has even greater work ahead for them.

Our second objective is to alert local congregations to the "Bulls Eye Target" that the enemy has on their pastor.  Pastors and their family today are under attack like never before. (see statistics) It seems that Satan has pulled out all the stops knowing that his days are numbered.  We want the congregation to see the urgent need to hold their pastor up in prayer to ward off the attacks of the enemy so he doesn't become another statistic.   Our goal is to inform parishioners how to help their pastor stay strong and minister under the anointing of the Holy Spirit like never before.
We are available to share this ministry at your local church.  Please contact us if you would like to learn more.

Elijah Ministries
"Ministering to Ministers"