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Comments from some of our Guests
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What others have said about their experience at ELIJAH MINISTRIES


Thank you that this very special place is bathed in prayer, the evidence that being His Presence here in every aspect.  We hear His whisper when the breeze catches the canopies of the aspen trees and when the breeze turns to a wind, we hear His commanding, powerful voice declaring that all is well; and it is!  We slept deeply here,  We communicated freely here.  We shared our hopes and dreams here.  All these amazing things happened here, but we won't leave them here.  The lesson we take away is that, yes, these things happened, but because God ordained them, we take them with us.  That is His intention, that we live abundantly wherever we are. 


Thank you for your labor of love that makes possible a place of blessing and recovery.  We came here exhausted in body and spirit and have found rest.  We came like Elijah, ready to walk away from ministry, but the Lord is not done with us.  This place is now sacred to us, for here we have been nourished and renewed.  D & K, pastors, Tennesee


Thank you for the privilege to stay at Elijah Ministries cabin.  It is so relaxing and refreshing here and a time in the WORD without distractions! May God bless this ministry.  Missionary


What a beautiful place this is!  So quiet and peaceful.  We have been very blessed by Elijah Ministries; we feel so welcome and comfortable.  Thank you.  H & A, pastors in Colorado

 What a wonderful time we have had.  We so enjoyed the peaceful serenity of the setting.  This truly is a place where we were able to connect with God and each other.  Even as I write this, I am looking out the window at the beauty of God's creation.  I feel even more inspired in the plan God has in my life.  R & J, pastors in Colorado

This cabin far exceeded all my expectations.  God has blessed us and our bond as father and son was strengthened.  Thank you so much for the opportunity to come to Elijah Ministries.  P & D, pastor and son, Colorado 


"Wow, I think that was the word I used the entire time we were here!

Wow, to the beautiful story of Elijah Ministries!  The vision of ministering to ministers is a much needed ministry today. We are thankful that we got to experience a part of it!

Wow, to God! The beautiful setting of this ministry cabin has overwhelmed us!  The aspens and the quiet are a clear refreshment to my soul!  Thank You, God, for another part of Your beautiful handiwork.

 'Lord bless all who walk through these doors and cross the path of Elijah Ministries'."
(T & J, Colorado)

"It has been a whirlwind of a year and very exhausting mentally, physically and emotionally.  I am here in total peace and quiet except for the wind blowing through the trees outside.  I have truly loved the quiet and it has helped calm my nerves and my spirit.  What a blessing to have the quiet time to stop, think, and reflect.  This cabin and the beautiful hills are just what 'the doctor' ordered! This song is running through my mind right now, 'I want to know You more, in the secret, in a quiet place, in stillness You are there.......'   Thank you so much for this quiet time and refreshing.  This is an awesome ministry and we will shout it from the rooftops.  Wow! It has been amazing.  God knows when a ministry couple needs to go to the mountains and be refreshed.  I have not rested like this in a long time.  Please keep being God's heart and hands reaching out to ministers and I know He will send people to minister to and bless you just as you do others.  Thanks for the solitude and Sabbath rest."   (M & L, Colorado)

"What a joy and blessing to come here to the beauty of God's creation this past week.  The Lord knew exactly what our family needed and a great time connecting as a family is just what He gave us.  A highlight was sitting together on the porch with the wind rushing though the Aspen tress each morning during family devotionals.  We thank the Lord for Elijah Ministries; such a beautiful, rich place to rest, connect, and refresh!

To God be the glory!" (P & J, Utah)

"After a hard working summer of getting our home ready to put on the market, I was ready to soak in God, read a book, take some hikes and just stop and enjoy God, His creation and my husband.  Thank you for providing this place; it is exactly what I needed to be refreshed and re-energized for another year of ministry on the college campus."

"This place and your gracious servant-hood has been a blessing to my wife and I.  The need was great, with many burdens and great exhaustion weighing on us.  The blessing and refreshment from our time with the Lord and each other was equally as great.

Thank you again!!" (K & M, Colorado)

We have been so blessed by our stay here.  We stepped into full-time ministry three months ago. We have been raising support and planning our wedding and were not sure if we could afford a honeymoon.  Some friends of ours knew of this ministry and helped us get set up for a week here at Elijah Ministries.  Thank you so much for all you have done for us by allowing our first week of marriage to grow us closer to God and each other here at the cabin.  We hope to come back in the future! (F & H, Colorado)

July - October 2011

Thank you so much for the use of this beautiful cabin.  What a great place for us to get away and work through some family issues!Our marriage is stronger as we have had uninterrpted time to work through problems.  What a peaceful place to meet with the Lord and gain new perspective for life and ministry. May God richly bless this ministry and all who come here for rest. (G & J, Colorado)

Thank you so much for this blessing!!  It was the perfect setting and environment for me to spend some much needed father - son time. This was the place; biking, hiking, shooting, guy movies, Brayn Lorrits talks in 2 Timothy on discipleship.......   I greatly appreciate the availability of Elijah Ministries!! (K, Colorado)

Thank you so much for blessing us.  The quiet and relaxation is what we needed to gain our strngth for a new season in God's ministry.  We pray that this ministry will continue to flouish and bless those that continue to serve God in ministry.
(K & H, Utah)

Thank you for the hospitality the last few days.  We have enjoyed the quiet and the calm; we haven't slept this much in a very long time and it has been refreshing.  Thank you for this ministry to us.  Family time has been scarce recetly for us and this was much needed. (K & H, Utah)

We have been so blessed on our stay here.  I have never seen a sky at night so wonderful, mountains and aspen trees.  God is so wonderful and has blessed Elijah Ministries in such a great way.  We are so happy to be a part of this.  The Lord is mindful of all things.  We know not what tomorrow my bring and He holds our future in His hands.  We don't want to leave this place!
(R & T, Tennessee)

What an awesome place for such an awesome ministry.  I have been refreshed and I pray that I am going back home a better Christian, husband, father and servant. Thank you for being obedient to God when he gave you the vision for this ministry.  May God bless this ministry and supply every need.  I just love this cozy cabin! (W& D, Alabama)

We cannot thank you enough for opening up Elijah Ministries to us in one of the toughest seasons of ministry I can recall over the last 13 years.  This week was an oasis from the chaos of church life.  We leave here this morning refreshed and close as a family and also wishing we could stay another week!!  We have found rest and peace here in the Colorado mountains and thank God for your faithfulness in the vision He gave you to bless and refresh pastors and their families.  Your love and support to our family and our ministry has made a huge difference for us! 
 (M & C, Utah)


We cannot express in words what a blessing your ministry has been to us!  We had a big decision to make (which God made for us!) and having this quiet, peaceful environment allowed us to think, process, talk and PRAY without the distractions that usually get in the way, (even ministry!).  Thank you - we praise God for you! Love in Christ, (J & R, Colorado)

Thank you so much for the beautiful cabin.  The serenity of this place is a perfect setting to be still and hear the voice of God.  We came tired in body and spirit and we are leaving relaxed and refreshed.  This ministry is a needed blessing for many ministers in today's society. (R & S, Oklahoma)

Our time here has helped us to get away when we probably couldn't have.  God's kingdom of believers truly are everywhere.  I believe it's fulfillment of scripture when we share what God has given us, as you have.  Thanks for establishing more of God's kingdom on earth through Elijah Ministries. We pray God's blessings on you and Elijah Ministries. (A & B, Oklahoma)

What a wonderful few days we have spent in the cabin.  There are not enough words to express our appreciation and gratitude for this "wilderness" experience.  As each day went by, the Lord God provided strength, healing, and a new motivation for the mission He has given to us.  We will not forget what God has said and done in our marriage and individually during our stay nor will we forget Elijah Ministries.   (J & S, Colorado)

December 2009
Dear Elijah Ministries,
Words cannot express how much this ministry means to me.  Thank you for opening your doors to me.  The solitude allowed me to reconnect with God in a mighty way.  The fears I once had are gone!  I feel as though I have a clearer direction on which path I should take for my life.  I look forward to what tomorrow brings with excitement and without worry.  The oppression is gone, the strife and stress has weakened.  I know I can face tomorrow because Christ Himself is standing right beside me.
Thank you so much!
Sincerely, KW Chelsea, AL

October 2009
Dear Elijah Ministries,
Thank God for having a heart to serve pastoral couples so they could have a quiet time alone, with God, in such a beautiful place.  Being in this location brings the meaning of the scripture, "Be still and know that I am God", more real to us. 
God bless you.  D & R LaFollette, TN

September 2009
Dear Elijah Ministries,
We thank you so much for the blessing of being able to come and get rejuvenated in our relationship with God and each other.  We have left with a renewed vision and a refreshed heart.
With love, M & E Cheyenne, WY

December 2007

Christmas at Elijah Ministries


      A replica of a scene from the enchanted forest of Narnia, or from a chapter of Laura Wilder's Little House in the Big Woods, the small, rustic cabin sat sleeping in  Wilderness Ranch, Colorado.  It was still and silent, blanketed by at least four feet of freshly fallen snow.

  We parked our snow mobiles at the front entrance, after an eight-mile trek from the main highway through God-created beauty you only see in paintings and magazine photos.
   It had been a rough year or so in the present season of our lives; taking care of aging parents with cancer and Alzheimer's, death of dear loved ones, a heart attack, an empty nest, and a 1500 mile separation from our home.  This Christmas was going to be emotionally difficult, to say the least.
   We relied on God through all these circumstances, and He was magnificently faithful.  He went even farther to show His love and care for us-- He placed a calling in the hearts of Bob and Karen Snavley to provide a 'Tranquility Base' for ministers and their families to spend time together, to relax and to refresh wounded and tired spirits.
   Thank you, Bob and Karen, for obeying the call.  For our family, your sacrifices and hard work were not in vain!
Denise - pastor's wife

Elijah Ministries
"Ministering to Ministers"